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Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Child’s Health In Check

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Your child is your bundle of joy. As parents you may feel like giving them everything they ask for and more. You may hate to see tears in their eyes or feel very guilty when they are sad. But the mark of a good parent isn’t that they always give in to their child, but that they know when to say no. Children are always testing their limits. This is no different when it comes to a parent’s authority. By setting rules and establishing boundaries, you will be able to ensure that your child grows up as a responsible and sensible adult. The same logic applies when it comes to child health care.

Here are some things that you should help your child avoid so that they remain healthy and happy:

Too much screen time:

One of the main complaints from ophthalmologists in any children hospital is that kids are spending too much time in front of screens. From televisions to computers and increasingly even mobile phones, the harsh glare of the screen can harm your child’s eyes. It is important therefore to limit the amount of time they spend on these devices. A surprisingly large number of children these days are having to use spectacles at a younger age. Make sure your child is not one of them.

Too much junk food:

With the number of options in the market today and advertisements for the same surrounding us, it’s no wonder that the amount of junk food that children are consuming is increasing day by day. From chips to chocolates, candy to fast food, there is a constant temptation for your child to reach out for unhealthy food. While an occasional treat is fine, you must ensure that the amount of junk food your child eats is kept to a minimum. Make tasty treats at home instead and stay as far away as possible from packaged foods.

Too much sedentary activity:

While it’s great that your child wants to stay indoors and read or study, you need to encourage daily physical activity. Make sure the activity is fun as well and not limited just to sports lessons or dance class. Children should love to want to play outside, let them. A few scraped knees are better than having to take your little one to a child hospital in Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. You may think that it is extreme, but there is an alarming statistic that shows the number of children suffering from obesity has greatly increased in India. Restrict sedentary activity and encourage running, playing sports, dancing and more. You can even join your kid and keep yourself healthy too!

Mother And Child Health Care During Pregnancy

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What to eat during pregnancy. How to keep unborn infant healthy along with yourself. The exercise, the routine everything you follow during this time period are crucial for the baby.

You become the top most priority for taking care of from your husband and other family members in the priority table.

You get lots of advisory stuffs from your family, friends, gynecologist, neighbors, and colleagues and on internet as well. These days people take lot of advice from search engine. Out of these whole advice some are really genuine and must follow.

Keep yourself fit

If you do regular exercise you can continue it even if you are pregnant, depends upon doctor’s permission largely. The days are far left behind when a pregnant lady was not supposed to do regular work out. The expectant mothers exercise are carefully performed under supervision of health and fitness professionals.

Furthermore, what is your inner voice or body stamina says listen to that voice. If you want to take rest or skip that regular exercise for a couple of days do it on your will.

Scientific research based on comparisons of various expectant ladies says it’s good for both mother and child health because the physical activities keeps the heart beat rate steady.

What to eat during pregnancy? Follow dietitian advice

A pregnant lady is advised to eat plenty of things for examples milk and other milky products, pulses, cereals, nuts whole grains, vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, fats. But the question is at what quantity and at what time for that consult a professional dietitian. The dietitian will make diet plan for you to follow. In the diet plan the intake ingredients will cover all the nutritional elements that is required during pregnancy.

Precautions & suggestions during pregnancy

Avoid long distance traveling as much as possible. If journey is inevitable have a comfortable journey carry the medical reports and all your essential medicines with you.
Drink water and other increase other liquid intakes fruit juice, milk soup etc. to avoid dehydration of body
Take green leafy vegetables the baby in worm will get much-needed folic acid for the healthy brain development.
Avoid ghee infused heavy food items and other junk food till delivery. Say big no to alcohol and cigarette.
Consult your doctor for regular checkup to avoid any complexions during pregnancy.

Precautions and taking care from much loved family persons is the key factor for a successful delivery. The ultimate conclusion is that the nine months journey starts from caring of mother from mother herself later taking precautions for the baby and most importantly the unconditional supports from the family members.


Child Health and Safety Issues

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Child health or safety issues face us every day. Every generation is smarter, bolder, and more curious than the preceding generation. That is why it is imperative that we address safety issues and keep a keener eye on our children.

Lately, summertime is a time for concern as the number of children drowning has reached nauseating heights. Even one child dying by accidental drowning is too much and something that no parent or guardian can ever fully forgive themselves for. Fences and locking gates around pools have just been implemented in the public conscious because of such tragedies that have occurred over the past several years.

Other child health or safety issues revolve around lead in toys that are imported from overseas. Although lead has been banned from paint on toys in the United States since the late seventies, other countries still have no restrictions and perhaps use it for its economic values or a lack of education as to the danger of it. America has a responsibility to educate and perhaps help fund those countries and companies to make the transition to non lead paint.

Plastic can also contain lead and has yet been banned from plastics on children’s toys. Lead actually makes plastic more flexible and more durable in heat. But a health issue is that when plastic is exposed to some detergents the chemical bond between lead and plastic breaks down and forms a dust that can be ingested through inhalation and lead to respiratory infections and other incubating afflictions.

Children’s health or safety issues should be at the forefront of the country’s concerns as we are now more knowledgeable about chemical interactions and residues exposed under certain circumstances like washings. For a prosperous country the health and safety of its citizens is a major concern and subject to intense alterations of manufacturing.

Do-it-yourself kits have been put on the market to test for lead. However, they fail to indicate the levels of the element and as of yet there hasn’t been any determination as to how reliable those kits are in detecting low levels of lead. Only a laboratory test could accurately determine the true level of lead in paint or plastic. Laws are being implemented to restrict the use of lead in paints and plastics.

School playgrounds have been replacing the concrete and blacktop surfaces are being replaced by mulch, wood chips, and sand to cushion children’s falls and jumps off swings. The most effective safety feature is adult supervision and the education of kids to not jump off swings or from the top rungs of jungle gyms to prevent broken legs and twisted ankles.

For all the advancements in technology, it is important that the safety and health of our children forge ahead and evolve with the knowledge that’s discovered with leading tests and statistical data.