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Things You Should Avoid To Keep Your Child’s Health In Check

Posted on September 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Your child is your bundle of joy. As parents you may feel like giving them everything they ask for and more. You may hate to see tears in their eyes or feel very guilty when they are sad. But the mark of a good parent isn’t that they always give in to their child, but that they know when to say no. Children are always testing their limits. This is no different when it comes to a parent’s authority. By setting rules and establishing boundaries, you will be able to ensure that your child grows up as a responsible and sensible adult. The same logic applies when it comes to child health care.

Here are some things that you should help your child avoid so that they remain healthy and happy:

Too much screen time:

One of the main complaints from ophthalmologists in any children hospital is that kids are spending too much time in front of screens. From televisions to computers and increasingly even mobile phones, the harsh glare of the screen can harm your child’s eyes. It is important therefore to limit the amount of time they spend on these devices. A surprisingly large number of children these days are having to use spectacles at a younger age. Make sure your child is not one of them.

Too much junk food:

With the number of options in the market today and advertisements for the same surrounding us, it’s no wonder that the amount of junk food that children are consuming is increasing day by day. From chips to chocolates, candy to fast food, there is a constant temptation for your child to reach out for unhealthy food. While an occasional treat is fine, you must ensure that the amount of junk food your child eats is kept to a minimum. Make tasty treats at home instead and stay as far away as possible from packaged foods.

Too much sedentary activity:

While it’s great that your child wants to stay indoors and read or study, you need to encourage daily physical activity. Make sure the activity is fun as well and not limited just to sports lessons or dance class. Children should love to want to play outside, let them. A few scraped knees are better than having to take your little one to a child hospital in Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. You may think that it is extreme, but there is an alarming statistic that shows the number of children suffering from obesity has greatly increased in India. Restrict sedentary activity and encourage running, playing sports, dancing and more. You can even join your kid and keep yourself healthy too!